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Default Re: [Low-Tech] Padded Cloth and Layered Armour penalty

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Which pyramid? Sounds great. Granularity-wise we could track decimals for how armor would add up, though they for the most part won't matter, you'll just never tie your skill, only roll above it or below it on whole-number dice.
Armour design LT 3/52 (as per Varyon), there are HT and UT articles in the same format in later pyramids

Originally Posted by Plane View Post
I just figured if you treated blunt trauma that gets through as crushing damage to the next layer of armor. So if you had a 25 DR cape above a 5 DR shirt hit for 25 crushing, 5 BT-as-crushing hits the shirt, and then 1 BT-as-crushing gets through the shirt to hit the person?

Of course that would make wearing a 5 DR shirt underneath a 25 DR cape superior to wearing a 50 DR cape, so that seems like a problem.

Sorry I was thinking more about the sliding scale of layer induced DX pens!

I wouldn't covert damage into blunt trauma between layers, as you say you get weird results in the system. The system tends to total up DR and apply damage to it.
this does lead to some oddities though when you get DRs that react to different damage types in different ways as well as if you use edge protection!

However in this case it's kind of irrelevant because unless magic is involved a 25DR cape wouldn't be a cape as we know it! It would be some kind of open rigid cylinder of several inches thick material and I dread to think what it would weigh ;-)!

Originally Posted by Plane View Post
Another rule to keep in mind which I remember seeing somewhere in Low-Tech is only Rigid armor has Chinks and that Flexible armor doesn't have Chinks, so would that mean as leather moves from flexible to rigid it gains chinks? Seems strange.
Yep that's right and it makes sense. That flexibility means you can get a more complete coverage without joins and individual separate pieces, and the body can still move. Rigid armour makes that almost impossible. Some areas need to flex to allow movement and at some point rigid pieces have to join and meet when fitted around the body.

But there are tricks, better tailoring reduced chinks & gaps, sliding rivets to allowed for plates to gain some flexibility (both in LT), some pieces were design to block attacks to those areas Bresurges, extensions to the Polyens
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