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Default Re: The ability of DFRPG PCs to "break" the world

Originally Posted by whswhs View Post
In the very early days of Chainmail, a "man" typically represented a unit made up of 10 men, comparable to a unit in GURPS Mass Combat. But a "hero" represented a single man who was comparable to four of those units—that is, to 40 men. Or so I understood the text.

I could do that just fine in Amber Diceless. But I'm not sure what you would do in GURPS to come up with a hero who was the equal of forty normal men.
Huh. So even the very earliest days of D&D was nerfing the power of heroes. (IIRC I once read a play log of an early Castle Blackmoor adventure where a PC was elevated directly from "normal man" to "hero", which I assume only involved a 4x increase in power at that point.)
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