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Default Re: The ability of DFRPG PCs to "break" the world

Originally Posted by Michael Thayne View Post
This is a good point. If you trace back D&D's roots far enough, you find it's just assumed important characters can make a major contribution at the tactical level. Before there were even class levels you had game designers saying "hmmm, let's have 'hero' units stipulated to be worth four regular men, and 'superhero' units stipulated to be worth eight regular men".
In the very early days of Chainmail, a "man" typically represented a unit made up of 10 men, comparable to a unit in GURPS Mass Combat. But a "hero" represented a single man who was comparable to four of those units—that is, to 40 men. Or so I understood the text.

I could do that just fine in Amber Diceless. But I'm not sure what you would do in GURPS to come up with a hero who was the equal of forty normal men.
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