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Default Re: The ability of DFRPG PCs to "break" the world

Originally Posted by Michael Thayne View Post
It's worth noting that you don't need to get up to 500 points to tear through those 62 point guards. A swashbuckler who, say, spends their 60 points in optional advantages on Striking ST 2 and Extra Attack 2 will already do that pretty well, easily attacking 4 times per second (with rapid strike) and penetrating armor that would be perfectly adequate protection against the blows of a normal fighter (2d+3 cut or more). But DF seems to assume 250 point characters aren't that exceptional, so the solution to out-of-control 250 pointers is to send an equal or greater number of 250 pointers against them (or maybe a 350 point assassin or well, you get the idea).
I think his point was that said swashbuckler is in a town where he has to check his weapons upon entering town, assume having a melee weapon is a capital crime and the town is able to enforce it. Now how does he deal with 6 guards.

As you said Magic items, or other skills and abilites.
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