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Default Re: How many Auto Manufacturers are there in NA?

Originally Posted by juris View Post
Your cycle gangs are very different from mine :)

Sure you can outrun the cops in a Shogun 200 (TS 180, MG front, exposed cyclist) - but those are no threat to anyone
Very probably. Mine prey on the weak (attacking outlying farms). They harass poorly armed travellers (like many of the ones in VG1). They attack in numbers from advantage and only when they have advantage. Rarely they tool up for a punishment hit (and then will be supported by trikes). These can destroy a pueblo in short order.

You can do better than a Shogun 200 and still have a top speed in excess of 100 and an acceleration of 10 or more. A pursuer needs to be faster and have higher acceleration, if it merely equals then it can never close. You don't drive in VG1 guide stock vehicles, why assume the surviving bikers will (but a shogun 250 ain't bad).

1 MG isn't much of a threat, but that's only 1 bike. I can buy half a dozen for the cost of your car. As these are all individual attacks even if you have tons of metal armour they will quickly strip your HS down to where you are requiring control rolls on every subsequent hit. At speed, even a fishtail can be fatal and those speed modifiers mean fishtails are less likely.

A rear mounted laser guided AP HR doesn't run much more than a MG (and I have never had a MG armed bike last long enough in a fight to use a full mag, they either fall over or run before then). Fire a couple of sighting shots with the TL from out a ways, until you have a reasonable chance to hit then fire your warshot. Once it is off, trigger smoke dischargers and high-tail it. Do this with a dozen bikes staggered over a short distance and even non-metal rigs will be in danger.

I'll have to run this :)
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