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Default Re: How many Auto Manufacturers are there in NA?

Ah correct. I was going from memory. Good catch.

My own idea: Mercenary Motors. Founded by a successful cycle bandit gone (semi) legit. All MM designs are road tested, with an emphasis on survivability. Ironically, the 'Pursuit Special' is a very popular line of police interceptors, based on what cycle gangs fear the most.

Pursuit Special -- Luxury, Extra-Heavy chassis, Heavy suspension, Sport power plant w/SC, Heavy-Duty High-Torque Motors, 10-pt CA (Power Plant), Fire Extinguisher, 4 Solid Radial tires, Driver w/HRSWC and BA and Safety Seat and 10-pt CA, Blast Cannon Front w/extra magazine and magazine switch and 10 shots HEAT and 10 shots HESH, Heavy Flaming Oil Jet Back, Heavy-Duty Shocks, Heavy-Duty Brakes, Antilock Brakes, Overdrive, Spoiler, Airdam, Plastic Armor: F40, L35, R35, B40, T10, U10, 2 10-pt Wheelguards Back, 2 10-pt Wheelhubs Front, Acceleration 10 (x2 w/HDHTMs), Top Speed 120 +20 w/Overdrive, HC 4 (5 @60mph), 6600 lbs., $39550

Originally Posted by Daimyo_Shi View Post
It was Mystic with the Zodiac line. Part of the Reason I was wondering is because I slowly working through ADQ and AADA To create a reference for my campaign, some if it is guessing given how lore Light Car Wars can be.

It isn't complete but this is the start of it.

Car Wars Vehicle Companies
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