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Originally Posted by The Colonel View Post
It's not completely negligible - you can, for example, cut a small tree down with a loop of the stuff, but I agree that for game purposes if you're not in contact with it, it's going to be more nuisance than damage.
The key fact here is the fact that you loop the det cord around the tree, which has the effect of compressing and directing its explosive power. That sort of demolition is exactly what det cord is good for on its own.

Arguably, the force of very small explosions of uncompressed mostly undirected force, like det cord laid straight and loose along the ground, will taper off faster than GURPS RAW. The 4d figure calculated by others would probably be most appropriate for people very close to the explosion or even in contact (rather than x3 damage for contact explosion).

Apparently, det cord also comes in different grades, with greater or lesser REF per yard/meter, so the GM can adjust damage levels, as can someone who makes their Explosives (Demolition) skill roll.

FWIW, here is video of a length of det cord exploding:
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