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Default Re: Show me the magic!

Magic Carpetbag, a favorite tool of the Magic Carpetbaggers. Start with a $200 bag or backpack and then follow the 2-hex Magic Carpet enchantment, but for only one week. The container then ignores the first fifty pounds of weight contained entirely within it. Enchantment cost is only $2,000.

Web: Same as Wall spell, but each level is 1 IQ higher and costs 2 more fatigue than the same hexes of Wall. Requires something to hang down from, but you can stack double hexes (from the same or multiple castings) to reach down from a 20 foot ceiling, triple for 30 foot and so on. Has the same effect as a Giant Spider web(page 95). Like Wall this can't be cast into a hex that has anything more than Shadow in it. Lasts 12 turns unless set on fire in which case it acts like both a Web and a Fire hex for three turns, setting adjacent Web hexes on fire at a rate of one hex radius per turn.

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