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Default Re: [Martial Arts] New perk idea: Two and a Half Hands

Originally Posted by Michael Thayne View Post
Hmmm. I do sort of see where you're coming from, though the status quo is that GURPS strongly disincentivizes trying to master both one-handed and two-handed sword use. At first I thought you could address this issue with the Weapon Adaptation perk, but Weapon Adaptation really isn't designed for this. There might be a third option I'm overlooking though.
I'm not sure your perk does this either. Instead of having a swordsman master one skill for the sword, you have them still needing both skills, but now getting the benefits of both one and two-handed use.

This also doesn't really reflect any possible real world training because most of the benefits of two-handed use are very much a consequence of grip.

Although I am not sure why Weapon Adaptation doesn't work here.
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