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Default Re: [Martial Arts] New perk idea: Two and a Half Hands

Originally Posted by Polydamas View Post
What problem is this meant to solve? You can use a katana in one hand or two, and if you use the second hand you get benefits in GURPS.
My guess would be the Perk would allow you to use the Two Handed Sword skill when wielding the katana in one hand (because with the Perk your one hand counts as two), as well as getting the improved damage and - IIRC - Parry associated with that skill (I think a katana swung with one hand has Parry 0U, while one swung with two hands has Parry 0, but I could be misremembering; regardless, as I noted in the Force Sword thread, there's an optional rule in Martial Arts that halves the iteration penalty for multiple parries for a two-handed weapon, and this would presumably benefit from that). This would let you wield another weapon or a shield in the offhand (or grapple a foe, drag a downed ally, etc), ride a horse into battle without being reliant on the Hands-Free Riding Technique, continue to fight effectively if one hand/arm is crippled, etc. Oh, and in a campaign inspired by Rurouni Kenshin, you could totally use battojutsu (which is very much a one-handed thing in that anime/manga) without having to rely on Broadsword skill.
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