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Default Re: GURPS XCOM - how to run?

The XCOM game really breaks down into:
1) Tactical missions where you have a squad (4-7) soldiers stopping aliens.
2) Resource management where you choose what you'll build, what to research, and what to protect. This part is usually the 5 min before an hour long tactical mission.

XCOM seems best suited to run as a high tech (DnD) hack 'n slash. game where you mostly do missions as soldiers. Capturing aliens and equipment would allow for new abilities and new equipment. I'd add a few "unique" items that you get from beating specific foes. The campaign arc would involve choosing missions that either enhance equipment options (maintaining cash flow, getting resources to build stuff) or drive back the alien invasion. You could come up with a reward system for each mission that contributes to research, supply, intel, or stopping invasion milestones.
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