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Default Re: GURPS XCOM - how to run?

I have played XCOM under GURPS. I think the game will depend on your idea of XCOM, but here’s a summary of my experience:

I recall we did “small” tweaks such as featuring “survivable guns” and other “expanded combat” options from GURPS gun-fu and martial arts. GURPS powers and GURPS psi were mostly for NPC design; and IIRC we also included a few GURPS Action elements for persecution sequences.

We did not do mass combat. At least not IMO, besides including a “covert-ops” element, we had a group of 4-5 people fighting 8-10 enemies almost every 3-4 sessions.

The bottleneck in the first campaigns I played XCOM with GURPS, was with the assembly of the “XCOM operative” skills set, which came in two flavors:

(1) “Basic training”. I believe the GM must provide an “every XCOM operative” skill set for free, at least at SL 12. I recall some players simply invested 1 CP to fill the template, crippling the campaign in the long term; we had a lot of “you should have trained for this property” and “this should have been part of your basic training” situations.
(2) Job templates. We did have job templates but the skills did not have a minimum SL to keep characters functional under pressure. I also think the “job templates” should be wildcards that obviate the job. For example, Forensics! or Hacking! We had a “hacker” that could not deal properly with encoded data because he did not have cryptography (it was not part ot the template, BTW).

Sometimes we had to play with missing members or solve puzzles without key knowledge (i.e. key job templates), for said occasions the GM created a support NPC body with average skills to perform off-screen feats (such as hacking). That was useful.
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