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Default Re: Gurps Starships line errata(and some observations)

Originally Posted by Mailanka View Post
Thanks, Weby. The more I mess with the Spaceships line, the more it seems to me that the forum likes to talk about Spaceships than actually use them, and the result is that a lot of this stuff slips past the hivemind.
My personal guess is that the market for spaceship combat boardgames isn't what David wishes it would be. Spaceships is at least his third try at doing one that overlaps with rpgs and none have been all that successful as boardgames.

There might be a bigger market that doesn't overlap wit rpgs much but there Spaceships is handicapped by a lack of mini and a default setting.

So the playtesters for Spaceships came heavily from the rpg side and had little use for the example ships. Making your own ships is too easy in Spaceships for somebody else's to be worth much to you.
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