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Originally Posted by Steve Jackson View Post
Tom - How did the water-washable resin work for you?
It seemed exactly like the regular (wash-with-alcohol) resin. Same level of odor, same curing time, and the figures were indistinguishable to my newbie eye.

The alcohol dries faster after you wash the minis, but I expect a hair dryer would take care of the water washed ones.

The water ones were more work to clean by hand than the alcohol. did them by hand because the tub for the washer was full of alcohol. I have a second tub (for water) now, and will wash the weekend 's minis in that. I may have to leave then in a little longer, we'll see.

So overall, I was almost disappointed in how little difference there was. I'll probably go with water washable to save on having to buy and store vats of stinky and flammable alcohol.

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