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We use the "fast start", where everyone gets 4 cards of each type to start. Even then, sometimes one or two players just don't have anything of use.

We also use the one where you can trade a card for a Race or Class card that's at the top of the discard pile (but not the race or class card you're using, that you'll presumably be discarding anyway). Unfortunately, this slightly reduces the already not-that-great value of the Cleric.

Other than that, we try to play by the rules as much as possible.

We have noticed, though, that the early game can sometimes take a long time to develop, or that sometimes it can take a long time for someone to get a weapon, and we'd like a better way to deal with this.

Also, it happens in most games that one person gets all the race or class cards and another player will get none. The above houserule is an attempt to moderate this, but it doesn't always work.

And, of course, it sometimes happens that someone gets tons of items and it's almost impossible to stop them from winning. There's simply too much stuff that doesn't take up a slot (hand, armor, head, foot), and there's also very little in the way of race/class limiting equipment. We're considering enacting a limit to the stuff you can have in use at any one time, and we'd like to encourage giving it to a player in need instead of simply selling it. This would also potentially ease the problem of someone going most of the game with nothing.

Other things I'd like to see: more Undead Monsters or Undead-enhancers (monster enhancers that make a monster undead, to boost the value of Cleric), more monsters that can have other monsters added to a battle without need for Wandering Monster cards (or some way to eliminate the need for a Wandering Monster card), GUALs with requirements (such as you can't be highest level to use it, or you must give away something to use it). Just off the top of my head.
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