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Default Re: [Dungeon Fantasy] Point total for game with more social play

Originally Posted by Dalin View Post
In game terms, a flyting involves a series of taunts that can be resolved with various skills. Public Speaking is key. Diplomacy is helpful. Other skills that can be brought to bear include: Current Affairs or Savoir-Faire to relate an embarrassing incident, Musical Composition, Poetry, or Singing to delivery a witty burn in skaldic verse, Performance to mock the foe’s mannerisms, Sex Appeal to impugn their romantic appeal, or Intimidation to diminish their valor.[/INDENT]To my delight, the players took this to heart and we've had more than one session that were 100% social (including at least one full-on flyting contest).
Do you want skaldic rap battles? Because this is how you get skaldic rap battles.

I would also point out the rules for seeking an audience from a high-status noble that got placed on pp. 104-105 of Citadel at Nordvorn as well.

Nordvorn is interesting (to me, anyway) because it was written with explicit support for social play outside of Longbru, the only settlement explicitly labeled "Town" with a capital-T.

Others can comment (and have) as to whether they also find it interesting. But the Dungeon Fantasy RPG can absolutely be used to support social play, using Advantages, Talents, and other traits to plus-up your ability to win friends and influence people . . . and similar down-sides for things like Social Stigma, poor reputations, getting whupped in a flyting, Cowardice, and the like.

It's there. It's just not "take the I talk good skill!" Well, except when it is...Public Speaking and Diplomacy are there, after all; Carousing stands in very well for some things, and if you really want to cozy up to that Boar-Folk barbarian, there's Sex Appeal.

I think the emphasis on 'the game lets you get right to the killing and looting' overshadows the fact that while it LETS you do this, there's plenty of support for NOT doing it.
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