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Default [Spaceships] Basic Planetary Analysis

For readability, sections referenced from Spaceships are in italics, and skills are bold.

Quick question about doing a Basic Planetary Analysis a-la Spaceships 5: Exploration and Colony Spacecraft, p. 32. Do the modifiers given in the previous section, System Mapping, apply to the Basic Planetary Analysis as well?

The System Mapping modifiers apply to the Electronics Operation (Sensor) roll to do a system map; that is clear. My assumption is the Astronomy roll to do the Basic Planetary Analysis is more of a follow-up roll which makes use of the data gathered as part of the system map, and therefor the System Mapping modifies do not apply. Or, is it that Basic Planetary Analysis assumes you're continuing to gather data, and therefor, the System Mapping modifiers should still be in effect?
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