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Default Re: Rule of 16 and Bonuses/Penalties

Originally Posted by Dinadon View Post
If you mean 'Is there a way to use Deceptive Attack on my resisted ability?', then I believe the answer is no. Generally if you want to beef up an advantage for a single attack you would use the Extra Effort rules from Powers.
This is indeed what I intended to ask. In this case, however, I don't believe Extra Effort is what I was hoping for. Rather, I'm looking to see if you can reduce your target's resistance by taking a penalty to your own roll. This would be handy for times when the Rule of 16 would make any score above a 16 useless anyway (after range penalties, etc). For example, if I have a resisted advantage that checks at 20 and my target only has a Will of 15, I would normally be limited to rolling against 16. I was looking to see if there was an option that would allow me to take a penalty to apply a penalty to my target's resistance roll. Perhaps -1 to resistance for every -2 I took on my check. If such a rule existed, I could take penalties down to 16 (can't check at anything greater due to Rule of 16 anyway) and the target would check against 13 instead of the full 15.
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