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Default Re: Rule of 16 and Bonuses/Penalties

Effective resistance (20). But apply the procedure in Extreme Scores (B349) to normalize the values before using the Rule of 16.

The point of the Rule of 16 is to avoid attackers that always succeed against weak targets. If you don't normalize first, then you sharply reduce the value of skills higher than 16, and overvalue defenses above 16 (which can never been exceeded if all you use is the Rule of 16).

So, treat 21 versus 20 as 11 versus 10 (21 - 10 versus 20 - 10, or, per RAW, 21 * (10/20) versus 10). Check the Rule of 16 on the reduced values; doesn't apply. Make the resistance roll; the attacker has an advantage of 1 point.

If the attack were, say, 22 versus 15, then you'd have 17 versus 10 after normalization, and the Rule of 16 would kick to change that to 16 versus 10.
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