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Originally Posted by the_matrix_walker View Post
Vassarious immerses themselves into the character and once she gets him alone, recants a tale to the governor of mystery and intrigue to draw him in, telling him that she does not want to have her involvement known, but feels something must be done, and believes the governor to be the only one who can be trusted.
"Is there anyone outside of the priesthood who understands the magics well enough to verify they have not been modified?"
"Is there a way to look into this discretely?"

Vassarious attempts to drop the story, hook the mark, and get out as quickly as they can and avoid additional entanglements.

Ingelni: "I would not expect the priests to know how to modify maximus's tomb to achieve any effect: he is that much better at architecture than anyone else. He would have left a record of the proper structure, with backups. That would also be in the hands of the priests... but there may be backups."

Ingelni: "The best way to verify your story would be to place a spy in the priesthood, or locate a priest who is willing to talk. At least the part about the Emperor being trapped. For the ambassador beyond the empire... can you give any signs of such a person? how would they prove themselves? If they came to me, how would I identify them?"

((Skill roll failed! - Going to use a Destiny point to change that into a success, AND a Wildcard Point to pad the margin if it will make a difference.))
I accept both.

Originally Posted by TGLS View Post
I'll revett the group. I'll try to work a question about the Caverns into the interview.

"I understand you were keeper of the Caverns of Calythone before the war. What was that like?"
[If he doesn't mention anything about entrances] "Hm. Would it be possible to cut past any of the trenches by going through the caves? Or are all the entrances in no man's land?"

The expert, named Yorinor, talks about the size of the caves, and about how the government hid a lot of different things in the caves. "There were areas even I didn't know about. I can point to where they are, but I can't tell you what's inside them."

"There are entrances on either side of no-man's land. They had me identify them and they'll all guarded and rigged to be demolished in an emergency. We think they did the same thing on the other side: at least a few attempts to cross have met with opposition. Combat down there tends to be bloody and not get very far, so most raids using it have stopped."
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