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Originally Posted by TGLS View Post
"So the emperor and the skerry have the same name... Was the skerry named for the emperor or the other way around?"

We call the skerry after the Emperor. Before the Man, there was no skerry. He built it. Very smart man.

"Any idea on the apparent cause?"
"The cause given is as old as time. They say they are oppressed. That the nobles are taking all of their belongings, that they do not obey their own laws, that they hurt the little people by not caring. They also say that the capital no longer cares about the concerns of the provinces. That Arthus does not understand Lithus, and Arthus should let Lithans be Lithans and keep their hands to themselves.

I would not wonder, but it is happening on Maximus. Maximus stopped this for years and years and years. Both sides say the emperor is with them. Yet he has not awoken. I wonder why it is happening now?"

Either way, I'm going to need to read up on Maximus the emperor and Maximus the skerry's government."

No use wasting time, but there's no dicelog here yet. I'd like to make an Intuition roll to start on the right book and a Research roll to find:
1) Biographical information on Maximus, both from the far past (four hundred years ago seems to a good starting point as to the most recent point as to when Maximus was "normal") and from recent past to see if Maximus has changed drastically.
2) Information on the bureaucracy and structure of government for the Maximus Skerry. I'm unclear as to whether it's practical for one or a few subordinates control access to the emperor so they abuse his authority.

Lets get a dicelog up then. I've invited TGLS. I'll invite Matrix Walker if he'll pm me an email address. The rolls so far are so good.

Maximus began his rule 900 years ago. His first 20 years were among the most eventful, in which he united the world, and invented sacred architecture and used it to preserve him and his greatest warriors for all time. They don't always walk around though: Maximus has spent most of his life inside of his temple, able to quickly travel his world as a spirit, observing conditions. He only "wakes up" every so often, averaging 40 years between bouts of activity. Usually he awakes to either solve a social crisis or to invent something, like portals to another world, or chimera warriors based on snakes, bulls, birds, or cats. Maximus has been dormant for 81 years.

Maximus is served by a hierarchy of priests who tend his temples and tomb, espouse his philosophy, and control a small segment of technology, mostly human bio-tech and the world-portals. They are quite wealthy and have a lot of influence over public opinion. Or at least they did. The breakdown of that trust is a key part of the rebellion.

The worlds are ruled by five governors. The governors are appointed by a hereditary senate: when maximus is active they pretty much appoint whoever maximus says, but its been 55 years since maximus has appointed a governor. It takes a lot to recall a governor. The governors as a council control the central organizations, like the army, though in practice they each control the arms on their world individually.

Maximus in his spirit form can show up anywhere to anyone on any of the five worlds. Entry into his temple, where one is sure to gain his attention, is strictly controlled by the priests, who usually refine and reduce and present polished summaries of events and issues near the "tomb" at the center of his temple.
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