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"So the emperor and the skerry have the same name... Was the skerry named for the emperor or the other way around?"

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
"There is trouble on his worlds. A rebellion. A big rebellion. Most strange for Maximus.
"Any idea on the apparent cause?"

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"You can do this, yes?"
"Absolutely! You can count on me!"

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They arrive at the library...
"OK, right now I think there are two possibilities as to what the prophecy means:
1) Maximus has been replaced in some way, and thus first crack relates to Maximus's replacement and how to recover him. Finding the emperor finding nothing but the crack would refer to how you're only finding Maximus's replacement.
2) Maximus hasn't been replaced, but has had his authority subverted by one of his subordinates. The first crack would be the subordinate that is abusing Maximus's authority. This would relate to 'for the emperor is a servant, but who serves the emperor?'

Either way, I'm going to need to read up on Maximus the emperor and Maximus the skerry's government."

No use wasting time, but there's no dicelog here yet. I'd like to make an Intuition roll to start on the right book and a Research roll to find:
1) Biographical information on Maximus, both from the far past (four hundred years ago seems to a good starting point as to the most recent point as to when Maximus was "normal") and from recent past to see if Maximus has changed drastically.
2) Information on the bureaucracy and structure of government for the Maximus Skerry. I'm unclear as to whether it's practical for one or a few subordinates control access to the emperor so they abuse his authority.

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