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Default Re: [Basic] Advantage of the Week: Legal Immunity

Originally Posted by Phil Masters View Post
Your employing nation will at minimum be very annoyed if you embarrass them, and is actually free to waive immunity and hand you over to local justice if they're annoyed or embarrassed enough. Or they may prosecute you under their own laws. Or they may recall you, or the host nation may expel you, and you may find that you've just terminated your career, or at least screwed up your promotion prospects.
Even if we posit some form of diplomatic immunity that can be applied to covert agents, the same thing applies if you get caught, you're an embarrassment to your sponsor country, and your career as a covert agent is over, because the country that caught you is going to put your face/prints/DNA on terrorism watch lists all over the world, and anyone who'd like to embarrass your sponsor will have an easy way of doing it. ("This guy got caught in Paris, and they think they can cover it up by sending him to Kinshasa?")

Even the most tolerant of agencies probably frowns on murderhobo killing sprees.
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