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Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
He's especially on the lookout for a guild or other organization of casters: he has thaumatology 14. For now, he's mostly just looking for people to banter theory with, and to get an idea of how common they are here*.

*specifically, if I go looking for a hireling with magical talents, what sort of modifier am I rolling?
The Keep has one magic shop, The Magic Box, run by an old witch. She tries to hawk a bunch of snake oil amulets and incense, but any authentic magician can get her to cut the crud and get down to business.
There is also a sage named Greytar bunking down in the keep. He is currently writing a travelogue of the area, and enjoys talks with his fellow mystics on various esoteric topics. He is knowledgable, but not an adventurer.
(OOC: Looking for a hireling requires rolling the Propaganda skill.)

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Bain is at the barracks, looking for the sergeant. What happens next?
The sargeant is less than enthused to meet an adventurer, but he does reluctantly talk about the region with Bain. He confirms what Bain has learned about The Caves of Mercy - his troops steer clear of that area.
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