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Default Re: Arm Lock with and without Technical Grappling rules

Sorry for parsing out your (and my) long posts into bits, but I don't want to lose the many points made.

Originally Posted by EskrimadorNC View Post
Yeah, I came to the same exact conclusion. Especially if you want to lock/throw in one turn, which is my experience in how it tends to work IRL, especially with wrist locks, which we use almost exclusively to throw people.

I would go so far as considering a throw from a lock is something you can also do in the same turn that you apply the lock. Timing wise, that makes it happen way faster than IRL, but game flow wise, it makes the most sense as the lock/throw happens in one smooth motion.
We liked to end up with the throw in Hwa Rang Do as well, though not always. I note that for this one, I actually went in to the dojang with some friends who were also training with me...and we brought a stopwatch.

My conclusion was that not only was the "on your next turn" realistic, that in many cases, it takes a full second for the other guy to LAND.

Try it - I think you'll be surprised at how long some of the techniques actually take. Or maybe not! I was, though.

I note that in a way, Fantastic Dungeon Grappling does this better: you can spend CP doing more or less anything to Injure the Foe, and you can definitely do this during a Takedown. So if you want a one-step "throw-from-lock," just do a Takedown while spending your CP to inflict damage. Subsume any "and I crank his arm/shoulder/neck in the process" into a penalty on the Quick Contest for the Takedown. You'll note Locks are a special case in FDG on p. 8, used for Pain...ALL the other joint locks that cause damage are subsumed into Injure the Foe.

One other thing to consider here might be Dual-Weapon Attack. It's less penalized than Rapid Strike, less expensive than Extra Attack, carries the built-in penalty to defend (which is why you do a lot of these techniques simultaneously), and with a Special Training perk, or in a cinematic world, the DWA penalty can be bought off.
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