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Default Re: Show me the magic!

Well, without actually playtesting it; my initial thoughts are that I like it; the effects don't seem to be too overpowering and you've carefully restricted the applications of both the Spell and its consequences. The only question I might have is that the spell costs seem a bit high. I'm wondering if maybe 3 ST for an inanimate object and perhaps 7 ST for a living one might be more in keeping with the effects/durations, and also make the Spell more likely to be used by the players -- but, as I said, my basis of comparison on the cost is more a gut feeling than any statistically valid analysis! ;-)

Oh, BTW, I posted the question on the Spell over on the HoW blog and we'll see if C.R. responds and with what. (I also asked, if he intentionally left it out of Magi Carta, if he could explain his rationale a bit, since I think that answer might be interesting as well...)
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