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Default Re: [ooc] the great black hills gold rush

Are we talking camp like this?

Sebastien Nadeau is the offspring of an escaped slave and a Louisiana plantation owner's son. (apparently, when she started to show, he helped her get free and that was that) she made her way as far from that place as she could get. She taught her son the value of being a hard working self made man, but it's better to be crafty than hungry.

She got sick and passed away a few years back and Sebastien quickly found work as a fossor for a small town. He'd pick up bodies, bury them and occasionally sell them or use small parts for making amulets and charms for the baron.

It's the selling of bodies that got him in trouble. He got careless and was caught selling the sheriff's aunt to a medical student. Sebastien barely escaped with his life and figured this was as good a place as any to hide out. After all, he can dig like a champ, has a strong back and maybe, just maybe he'll strike it rich.

Character write-up coming soon. The voodoo won't have any actual mystical qualities, but he doesn't know that. I may give him a dog and/or a rat, but I haven't made up my mind yet.

It may be fun if someone wants to play the medical student/doctor he was caught selling the body to and they were run out of town together...just a thought.
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