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Default Re: Campaign Jam: Magic Vrs. Technology

Originally Posted by evileeyore View Post
Question 1a: Are magic and technology opposed mechanically through genre settings, or merely societally?
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Answer 1a
Both magic and technology have a detrimental effect on the other. However the effects are quite different, magic wrecks havoc with technology at a local level, devices cease to function or are even destroyed in the presence of large enough magics. This requires a deliberate act on the part of the magic user and is not a mere byproduct of magic use.
However the presence of sufficently advanced technology makes magic difficult in the extreme, indeed individuals who wish to become powerful users of magic limit their access to the benefits of technology.
Per Niven's Law of "Any sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology." I never bought into the whole Magic vs Technology thing.
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