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Default Re: The Future of the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game?

Originally Posted by Turhan's Bey Company View Post

[...] what we need, I fear, is a new generation of writers who are inclined to that style of game writing rather than the GURPS standard of brilliant rules frameworks but fewer worked examples.
I think so. Being a 23-year veteran of my post, I'm probably set in my ways but I'm also very confident that I don't suck at rules-writing, so I'm willing to face even the harshest criticism on things that depart from rules-writing, like adventure-writing. I might ask:

What do people think of I Smell a Rat?

I bet that the nicest words I'll get are ones like "adequate" and "necessary." I don't really expect praise, much less an Origins Award, because I know I'm not the master of adventures. Even my adventure/campaign ideas in places like GURPS Zombies: Day One and "A Westward-Shambling Horde" (Pyramid #3/74, pp. 24-30) haven't exactly been super well-received.

So we'll need people who are just as experienced at writing as me (i.e., 20+ years) and about as familiar with GURPS as me (closer to 30+ years) delivering copy that's no harder to edit than mine, but stronger with adventure kung fu – even if its rules kung fu isn't as good. Unfortunately, most of the people asking to write adventures are gamers who've never written for pay and who want to sell things they used in their campaigns. I admire their enthusiasm, but (1) they're not writers, so they're heavy edits, and (2) they tend to assume that everybody games like they do. The result is content that gets very expensive very quickly, because it needs so much reworking.
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