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Default Re: [Game] Collaborative world building for DFRPG.

Originally Posted by Nymdok View Post
Question - Does he get his 'raw' materials (ore) from a local mine, melting down salvage or through som other means?

p.s. If Im not doing this right (E) let me know and Ill fix it :)
Looks good, adding a number to the question is the only thing I can think of adding

Question 4) Where does Browbert source his raw materials?

Browbert having experienced several leaner periods during his life chooses to cut out the middleman where ever possible to save a few coins.
Many of his supplies are recycled from the loot he purchases and cannot refurbish.
He suppliments his purchases of second hand weapons and armour with iron ore he gets from the orcs and goblins that live in the swamps down river. With much grumbling he pays what he considers an exorbitant price for materials from the dwarven communities in the nearby mountains.

Question 5) Where can a battered delving party go to get urgent medical attention?
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