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Default [Game] Collaborative world building for DFRPG.

This is a collaborative setting building forum game with one slight difference, scale. Rather than make a whole world let's build a town/city.

The format is, answer a question then ask a question. Start each post with the question you are answering and don't forget to ask a question, even a simple question keeps the game going.
Crunch is welcomed but probably more important later on.

This setting is made with the aim of being usable for the forthcoming dungeon fantasy boxed set. With that is mind all the standard dungeon crawling conventions should be followed while building this setting.
- An economy that supports delving, this includes having every service a delving party requires available.
- The generally high availability of magic
- A generic fantasy technology level that has remained stagnant for some time.
- Many races interacting in one area.
- As many dungeons and dungeon like features as possible will exist, for example the city will definitely have a spacious sewer system.
- A certain amount of tongue in cheek humour regarding the quirks of a DFRPG world.

Question 1) Who is nominally in charge of the town? What can you tell me about this individual or group?

Question 2) A delving party has just returned from a nearby abandoned mine and wants to unload their loot, where should they go?

Question 3) How well do all the races get on together? Are humans the dominant race in the area?
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