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Default [Power-Ups] Magery (Universal, Cosmic, +???)

OK I've asked this a couple of times before from different angles, but never really got an answer before, this time however I think I've figured it out, or at least a partial answer.

So the question: How do I make a version of Magery that works for all magic systems? Well the thread title is what I worked out, basically I need advice on which level of Cosmic people think is applicable, +50% or +100%?

Some notes:
This applies to all version of Magery that function as a spell casting talent, that is increase skill level when casting, so it applies to the standard system, ritual magic, path/book magic, symbol magic and so on, but NOT to RPM as RPM doesn't work that way. However because of it's nature the Thaumatology bonus IS universal, so it would apply to RPM

This also applies to any other spell casting system that uses a spell casting talent approach, so it does stack with Power Investiture
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