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Default Re: Judging combat encounters

Unless I'm playing in a cinematic game I expect a high mortality rate for people who get into fights (plus all those one-eye, one-hand etc. disadvantages come from somewhere). The key difference IMHO is in changing the definition of success from "We fought it, killed it and took it's stuff" to "We figured out how to threaten, bribe, sneak, coerce, convince or cajole what we wanted without having to draw blood"
Whacking things with pointy bits of metal is very exciting precisely because of the perception of danger involved. If you expect to be able to wade into combat thrice weekly and still live a long life you are either supremely skilled, insane, or playing a cinematic campaign.
The fine line between heroic and moronic is crossed when ones first (or second) reaction to any situation is to pull out the nearest weapon.
Of course, for cinematic play, have fun with a Bash-O-Matic 9000 in each hand. Just don't expect to get the same pre-fight tension or 'Thank God I survived!' emotional reaction from that style of play.
Just my $0.02
Life has a funny way of making sure you decide to leave the party just a few minutes too late to avoid trouble.
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