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Default Re: Martial Arts style for [Banestorm] Knights of St. George of the Dragon

I think the difference between Late & High Knightly Mounted Combat isn't that significant for monster hunting. Generally there will be more focus on a skill like Lance (both for the high damage, knockback/stun, and for keeping the monster on the other end of the lance) rather than other weapons.

Crossbows were certainly worthwhile - like the lance, both for high damage and distance. I see keeping a few crossbows loaded as plausible.

Personally I can see Late Knightly Mounted Combat working fairly well against some monsters like trolls. A sword-Parry can hurt the monster in question, so it might be that their fighting style encourages those kinds of defences as a form of counterattack. A greatsword might actually be a popular weapon, if Reach 2 allows for long-weapon tactics, and the sw+3 damage can be used on a Parry (which the larger cutting surface might make more plausible than using a halberd or such). In that case, tricks to improve their Parry might make a lot of sense.

However, monstrous threats vary quite a bit, so the fighting style will need to depend on what they are fighting. It might help if you list a few 'typical' monsters you expect them to encounter as a guideline for the appropriate fighting style for them to use.
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