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Default Re: Corco's Villa (IC)

Originally Posted by the_matrix_walker View Post
Vassarious can often be found chatting and trading stories with the unusual folk he encounters in the gardens, but on this day he is stretched out with his wings extended but at rest, sunning himself on a great rock outcropping, overlooking the garden and people-watching, and entertaining himself making up his own stories for the people he sees but does not know...
Vassarious becomes aware of one of the house-hold standing on the rock behind him. He's pretty sure the girl did not climb up the rock. "Message for the Dragon from Corco" she says "Go meet him at Pang Zhen's shop. She has a prophesy for you, and He has a job for you"

(assuming he comes to the shop)

Pang Zhen gives Vassarious a slight nod as he enters "Greeting Dragon. Welcome to my shop". Corco smiles "So very glad to see you. So very glad. My flower, could you tell him the prophecy?"

The emperor is the foundation of the world
Yet the emperor's foundation is cracked
Find the emperor, and you will find naught but the crack
Find the first crack, and you will find the the true emperor
For the emperor is a servant, but who serves the emperor?

Corco: "so you see, we must do something! This is the Maximus skerry! wonderful place! Usually no worries! But now? They are fighting each other, and the emperor does nothing. You must help. You will help? It is part of our little agreement."

"I have a helper for you. Same deal as you. She is studying the skerry right now. Shall we go meet her?"

OCC: have the two characters met before? its up to you two.
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