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Default Corco's Villa (IC)

Corco's villa is a dimensional hide-away, a world between worlds, of indeterminate size, and brimming with visitors from all sorts of places. Most of them spend their time in the Gardens, but the library, the kitchens, and the personal rooms are also popular. Less popular are the prisons, which double as a military center. Strolling outside of the villa, a wander will find only scenic wooded hills and mostly empty and rocky seaside. Visitors give many reasons for being here, but most will relate one deal they made with Corco or another.

The permanent residents all claim to be one big family. They seem to have Mediterranean features, and while they speak many languages, seem to speak a dialect of latin to each other. They ensure all of their guests are properly housed, fed, and maintain a semblance of good behavior.

Corco has a mission for our crew. The short chubby fellow, bobbing with exuberance goes searching for...

Halcyone, The Tendriloid
Vassarious, The Dragon

Where in the villa does he find each of them?
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