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Default Re: how to price a self-Affliction disadvantage?

Dragondog: The effect Revulsion has when you touch your kryptonite, is +150% for Affliction. So a simple sollution would be to set a self-affliction disadvantage with 150% effects, such as Paralysis or Sleep, to the same cost as Revulsion.

And for effects with other percentages:
50% effects are +10 points
100% effects are +5 points
200% effects are -5 points
300% effects are -15 points
Bruno: Chronic Pain also applies an Affliction to you, although rather more randomly. It's a better basis for when you need to apply random Coughing And Sneezing for e.g. seasonal allergies or Victorian Novel Disease.

Like Revulsion, you can scale it the same way.
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These are exactly what I needed, thanks!
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