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My theory is that Cidri must actually be many worlds that are linked by gates, because different GMs have quite different worlds with different year lengths and different astrology and other major cosmological differences. They're probably not even all in the same plane of existence given different GMs invent differences in magic and religions and demons and other things GMs invent and customize.

Also, it would be vastly easier and more practical and plausible to me to have many worlds than to make some super-giant planet that somehow got built and yet has earthlike gravity and so on.

As such, I think certain worlds no doubt do have specific purposes and relation to the Mnoren. Some may be some of the original worlds that were reached and exploited by them. There might still be some which are full of Mnoren, and the TFT campaigns just tend to take place on the ones that the Mnoren currently aren't apparently present on (much?) for some reason.
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