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Default Re: Time to Cast a Spell Question and comabt

Originally Posted by Lameth View Post
Ok I guess get it, my flaw is this: That would allow the Mage who has initiative to remove a foe off the battle field, even before anyone else attacks, but I guess that makes sense. I see my combats more cinematic I think, with the Mage casting the Spell as the fighter rushes forward to slice the orc, as the Cleric invokes her prayer, and the Orc draws his sword and rushes the fighter, all on the first turn. Then at the end of that 1 second turn, the Mage's spell goes off, the Fighter get to his target the orc, the clerics prayer is answered, and the orc is now in melee with the fighter, meeting him half way with his sword also drawn.
That is just because the mage has a ranged attack. An orc with a crossbow can shoot him on its first turn too.
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