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Default Re: Time to Cast a Spell Question and comabt

Originally Posted by Gnomasz View Post
Overall, it's
[A's turn starts]A does stuff[A's turn ends]
[B's turn starts]B does stuff[B's turn ends]
[C's turn starts]C does stuff[C's turn ends]
[A's 2nd turn starts]A does stuff[A's turn ends]
and so on. A character's turn ends before the other character's turn starts.

So, in the orc scenario, the mage gets to cast Armor before orcs attack him.

Sleep spell is another thing because it takes 3 seconds to cast, so it's (for example):
A's 5th turn: starts casting Sleep (Concentrate),
B's 5th turn: casts Fireball (Concentrate),
A6: continues casting Sleep (2nd Concentrate)
B6: throws Fireball, A dodges, rolls Will-3 (see Distraction and Injury, p. Basic 236 or Magic 7), passes and continues casting.
A7: finishes casting Sleep (3rd Concentrate), rolls for it and B rolls to resist.
B7: might already be asleep.

Stun is a simpler spell with 1 sec. casting time, this would be:
A's 5th turn: casts Stun, rolls for it and B rolls to resist.

Powers generally work the same: within the same turn order (it's really more a thing about basic turn sequence than magic or powers). TK is a bit special in that you need to Concentrate to get another maneuver with TK in the same turn. So your character Concentrates for your TK to immediately Attack and grab enemy's throat, but it's still subject to rules for Choke Hold (p. Basic 404), so on your next turn you can Concentrate on your TK, and it immediately, during your turn, performs an Attack to crush the throat and deal damage.
Ok I guess get it, my flaw is this: That would allow the Mage who has initiative to remove a foe off the battle field, even before anyone else attacks, but I guess that makes sense. I see my combats more cinematic I think, with the Mage casting the Spell as the fighter rushes forward to slice the orc, as the Cleric invokes her prayer, and the Orc draws his sword and rushes the fighter, all on the first turn. Then at the end of that 1 second turn, the Mage's spell goes off, the Fighter get to his target the orc, the clerics prayer is answered, and the orc is now in melee with the fighter, meeting him half way with his sword also drawn.
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