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Default Time to Cast a Spell Question and comabt

In the Book:
Most spells take one second to cast. Take the Concentrate maneuver for one turn and attempt your skill roll at the end of your turn. If you succeed, the spell takes effect instantly. Whether you succeed or fail, your turn ends as soon as you roll the dice. No one can interrupt a one-second spell unless he took the Wait maneuver on his own turn before the caster began concentrating.

So if there is a combat of lets say 3 Orcs and a Mage and the Mage has the Initiative, and the Orcs are after him on this turn. The Mage casts a 1 turn Regular spell, lets say ARMOR on himself, and the Orcs are taking the Attack Maneuver. Does that mean the Mage concentrates on the spell for that turn, then each Orc takes their attack, then at the end of that first Turn the mages Armor spell goes off and he is protected? Or does the armor spell go off BEFORE they attack him? I do not see it where a person performs and uses all their turn up before anyone else can go.

How does Mystical combat work? Is it: TURN 1: Concentrate on Spell [Fireball]. TURN 2: Throw Fire Ball. TURN Three: Concentrate on Fireball. TURN Four: Throw FireBall. and then TURN Five: Concentrate on Sleep Spell, and before the Turn ends the spell goes off, no need to wait until the next second to "throw it", therefore it takes effect on TURN 5?

And are Psionics/Powers the same? Turn 1: Concentrate on TK to grab man by throat. Turn 2: Start Applying Damage to Throat.
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