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Default Re: Treasure from the Sheikh of the Grinning Skull Oasis

Originally Posted by Dalillama View Post
The Cloak of the Jackal:
Another of Abu Jafar's items, this is exactly what it sounds like: a cloak made of jackal skin. When worn, it grants Reduced Consumption (Cast Iron Stomach), and makes the wearer immune to harm or damage from any natural heat. It also inflicts OPH:Eats raw Carrion, good for a -3 to reactions from anyone who sees you eat and a general -2 due to the vile halitosis it induces.

Not that I imagine Abu Jafar had much use for such a cloak, as he prefered to stay in the Grinning Skull Oasis, where he ate well.* He could have made them for trailblazers, scouts and explorers among the band, especially if they also reduce the need for water intake.

*Note to self, there must be sufficient magical means of food storage, growth, creation and/or transport to ensure a plentiful supply of fresh and delicious food at the oasis. The bandits no doubt kept animals for meat as well as work, but the oasis was probably not large enough to keep them all in fresh meat year round.
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