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Default Forcing a Munchkin to Help with the Kneepads of Allure in Order to Make Die

So this came up in some recent gameplay...

If, say, a level 3 Munchkin with the Kneepads of Allure beats down the door and finds the Plutonium Dragon, can that player force a level 6 Munchkin to help for the sole purpose of making that level 6 die?

Here's the real question: The Plutonium Dragon will NOT pursue the level 3, but WILL pursue the level 6. If the level 3 has nothing equipped and refuses to use one shots and other abilities, the level 6 helper (say with a combat strength of 12 and no one-shots) is doomed from the beginning. The level 3 isn't using the Kneepads to get help, but just to send another munchkin to his death.
Is this legal?

Hope that was clear. Not sure if there's already an answer to this somewhere. Couldn't find one.
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