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Default Re: Professional skill seem cheap

Originally Posted by Steev View Post
My general principle in games is to have character generation take no more than a few minutes and involve as little stress as possible for the player.

So I would, in this military style game, like the players to essentially pick a soldier, a specialty and a couple of customisations and be ready to play.

Hence my desire to employ templates etc.
It sounds, then, like the problem prompting the thread topic is simply that you've misunderstood Soldier skill and Professional Skill.

So, yeah, templates. You can assemble a "soldier" template who will certainly have Soldier skill, but that's not really where the points will be because it only covers routine parts of military life and not comprehensive coverage for everything a soldier might potentially be called on to do. It'll also need at least one weapon skill, optionally skills for climbing, driving, first aid, survival, and other adventure-y tasks. Or you can use wildcard skills, which are comprehensive coverage for everything a soldier might potentially be called on to do, which is simpler but less customizable. The real question you need to ask, here or in another thread, is what skills and other traits a soldier should have, and maybe see if anybody's already written up such a template.
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