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You get what you pay for, I guess. Characters in 2 minutes aren't going to have a lot of player investment and aren't likely to have a lot of character. They're just some numbers to roll against. Sure, a player can add through their role playing, but they don't have much to help them.

I also don't see the benefit in killing off characters with abandon. Combine that with the above and I'd expect even less player investment. "Oh, I died, here's me mark 2, 5, 19, 127...".

You don't need to spend hours and hours, and templates are a great way to get the basics done, but then let them spend some time customising. They'll learn the system after some initial help.

But, absolutely to each their own. It's not a case of right of wrong, but you asked for what others do so that's my opinion of why I don't do it the way you mentioned.
Believe it or not it is pretty much the opposite.

When my players generate characters they pick concepts they are interested in and I donít want rules to get in the way. I just want them there as a back drop when we need to roll dice. Hence I want the actual system generation to be fast and fluid.

My games are high role play and low number crunch. I ran The Armitage Files over lock down, once a week for over a year. There were 2 character deaths (one guy took a shotgun blast in the chest and one girl was shot with a pistol and bled out on the way to hospital) the entire time but the players all knew the threat level of the game and played cautiously as they could die and be replaced at any time.
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