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Default Re: DreadStormers [IC]

Originally Posted by TGLS View Post
So what really arouse suspicion? Obviously high security areas or being caught starting a fire would apply, but would something more questionable count? i.e. being out after lights out or on the wrong floor? Would elevators necessarily be a suspicious area? Are there alternative paths between floors (i.e. stairs?)
For you, there really is no "wrong floor", as you are in transportation. There is no "lights out", either: the ship runs 3 shifts, and "Day" is merely the shift the captain commands directly. The elevators are not a suspicious area because they are high traffic.

So its a good question. Hanging around areas that have a purpose other than storage of "boring" equipment are probably the most likely. You can move into an empty hydrogen brick storage room and no one will blink. If you set up shop right next to the missile warheads, that's suspicious. Setting up in a working area is a no-go, of course.

Hanging around near the food will get you reprimanded, and likely more steps will be taken, but you are assumed to be trying to steal food, which is a minor offense compared to being a suspected enemy combatant. You're most likely to have to work extra hours of unpleasant work and be assigned someone vigilant to keep an eye on you. (yes, you already have someone vigilant. But then they'd be on alert, and someone like Daymar is enjoying a degree of freedom with Pothi. I suppose you could try to get assigned to a new buddy...)

Well, I suppose I could just up and ask her. Just a matter of naturally working it into conversation. Maybe try to develop an outward persona of being really cautious or something. Throw it into a dozen odd questions asking about disaster planning or something, maybe disguising it as "What if we were separated, then I got injured and stuck somewhere hidden? How long before someone would start looking for me?"

Either that or just slowly start pushing things and see how long before Botha responds. That might draw unwanted attention though.

Either option is perfectly reasonable for any spacer in your situation. Or even asking her to relax a little. Which approach would you like to take?
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