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Someone found in a reasonable location without a buddy will be officially reprimanded by most Sergant-level people who see them, and escorted back to their section, but that's as far as it goes, unless you do something to really arouse suspicion.
So what really arouse suspicion? Obviously high security areas or being caught starting a fire would apply, but would something more questionable count? i.e. being out after lights out or on the wrong floor? Would elevators necessarily be a suspicious area? Are there alternative paths between floors (i.e. stairs?)

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
Botha would probably have to be left for 10 to 20 minutes before she really got her dander up and reported you. You think. If you want more information on her expected behavior, that will have to be earned in play.
Well, I suppose I could just up and ask her. Just a matter of naturally working it into conversation. Maybe try to develop an outward persona of being really cautious or something. Throw it into a dozen odd questions asking about disaster planning or something, maybe disguising it as "What if we were separated, then I got injured and stuck somewhere hidden? How long before someone would start looking for me?"

Either that or just slowly start pushing things and see how long before Botha responds. That might draw unwanted attention though.
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