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Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
27 points of powers. It's 3 points per 2 hours.
Okay, that means it will be ~25 1/3 hours until he has recovered all powers, so 4 more meals.

Knowing that some people are likely to eat quickly and go, Day will work a bit past noon if Pothi will let him get away with it, and walks as slowly as he dares to the mess. To capture Pothi's attention (and distract him from the prospect of food), while they walk Day will ask him about Zorbani popular culture that he knows Pothi has strong opinions about.

[36] 20-09-02 00:22:05 CEST

Current Affairs (Zorbani Pop Culture) to come up with a subject that will engage Pothi's attention.

3d6 <= 16
5 + 1 + 1 = 7 ... success

Although he considers another visit to the kitchen, it might be viewed as suspicious, so he tries to find a table with few people, and scopes out the meal for psi-contaminants. How many people are seated near him?
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