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Default Re: DreadStormers [IC]

Valford bunks on deck 17, in the forward starboard room between the reactor and the engine. His Mess is on the same deck, and his assigned washroom is one deck up.

The bunkrooms cram 26 men into about 750 square feet of space. There is essentially no place for privacy. Getting a bottom bunk is a matter of seniority, and as Vorno is Valford's bunkmate, there is little chance of that happening. Valford can certainly make a social roll to try and swap with someone for a coveted lower bunk though.

Private stashes WILL pop up all over the ship, but they are more likely to occur in empty storage areas (which is most of the ship) or work stations. They are an excepted part of shipboard life.

His attempt to find a way to smuggle food onto the ship needs an acting roll at -2 as cover, and you need a social roll to get the information. Streetwise is preferred, though over skills may be used at a penalty.

Day is assured that he can get good food, and even contraband, but he needs to eat the served slop "As your paranoid and patriotic duty. Don't want anyone to think you're an enemy agent!"
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