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Default Re: DreadStormers [IC]

Day has several easy ways he knows of to nudge the drive or disable it temporarily. They just lead quickly back to him or are easy to correct once caught. He notices that a few historically successful tricks have been reacted to, and the flaws are regularly checked. Though if he can subvert those procedures the old tricks will work. He has a technique for "nudging" the ship that will go unnoticed, at least until they arrive. He also has a way to disable the drive for one or two days quickly, or for over a week if he's given time to fiddle with it unimpeded. He can also disable the ship for a few days without anyone suspecting anything one time with about ten minutes of work.

Day is assigned to the port-most bunkroom on the 16th floor between the lower stardrive capacitors and the engine, smack next to the grav plates. Its a bit smaller than standard bunkroom because the elevator passes through it. his assigned washroom the only one on in the area, and his assigned mess hall is above him on floor 15.

It is quickly pointed out to Day that they are bunking almost directly above one of the food stores of the ship. (the small boxes arranged in rows on deck 17). He spots someone else sneaking food up and in.

The psi-drugs are added in two places: some of the dry goods have been infused and stored with them, specifically the flour. There is also a powder that can be added to food by the cooks if their isn't enough flour in the soldier's diet.
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